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Otvoreno more (Croatia)
No. 241, 2017.
Title: "Gliser pod jedrima" / "Speedboat with sails"
Test conditions: NE 12-23kt; boat speed up to 13kt
Val Navtika (Slovenia)
No. 219, 2017.
Title: "Družinski dirkalnik" / "Family speedster"
Test conditions: NW 6-11kt; boat speed up to 7,7kt
Yachtrevue (Austria)
No. 6, 2017.
Title: "Coole Kombi" / "Cool combination"
Test conditions: NW 6-14kt; boat speed up to 9,5kt
Segeln (Germany)
No. 9, 2017.
Title: "Zwei in einem" / "Two in one"
Test conditions: NW 2-10kt; boat speed up to 7,4kt
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